Michael Kent

I walked into Red Rock unannounced on a Monday morning prior to a mule deer hunt that started that afternoon. Truthfully, I wasn’t looking to purchase a rifle. I just wanted to meet and talk with the guys (Curt and Todd) I had heard so much about. My longtime friend and guide, Perry Hansen, has been talking about his Red Rock rifle for years. Another friend, who was traveling with me, had also recently purchased one of their rifles and hasn’t stopped talking about it since he’s received it. An hour later, I walked out of their shop with a “loaner” .30 Nosler, 40 rounds of ammunition (which were hand loaded for me while I waited), and ballistic tables based on recently gathered data for this specific rifle. We went directly to the range and verified it was sighted in. All 4 of us shot quarter-sized 3 shot groups in a 15 minute time span (cold bore included). After leaving we headed out to hunt. The following morning, we spotted a buck, ranged him, dialed the turret, and I took a 528-yard shot and dropped the deer. I have since placed an order for a new Red Rock rifle and another friend along on the trip will be placing an order shortly. The quality, attention to detail, and service offered by Red Rock Precision are unmatched. Get one (or more), and sell the rest of your “custom” guns.