Scott Smith

I want to share my experience on a hunt in the Northwest Territories, hunting Dall sheep and mountain goat. My Red Rock Precision gun worked exactly as they said it would in the conditions it was set up for. From the sight in at base camp to the shots taken in the field, everything came together.

My ram was taken at 198 yards. The shot was downhill at a fairly steep angle. I used the top of a tall backpack standing upright as a rest and had to rise up to be able to even see down the slope. The first shot felt good, hit high in the shoulder area and angled down, but the ram did not have much of a reaction. The guide told me to shoot again, and as I was pulling the trigger the second time, the ram fell over from the first shot. He was aged at approximately 10 years old.

The goat was first spotted at about 800 yards in a big, bowl type valley. He was walking uphill from left to right, angling slightly away from us, and then bedded, quartering right uphill. We closed the distance along a steep and rugged side hill, but could get no closer than 674 yards, without exposing ourselves in the open. So, that was the shot, 674 yards, uphill angle, quartering slightly away right, bedded animal, light wind blowing from our left to right, prone position. The guide asked if I could make that shot, and if I had any doubts, not to risk it. We discussed some of the variables to the shot and the best place to aim. It was decided I should aim at the point of the knee which would angle the bullet up into the vitals. I have to admit, I had some uncertainty. I settled in and adjusted my backpack rest and took two dry fires. Everything felt good. I took the shot and hit in the exact spot I was aiming at. The bullet angled up and forward and hit his spine. He slumped over and the started rolling down the steep hillside. He rolled about 250 yards downhill and out of sight. Luckily, the fall did not break his horns, but did tear and cut his hide as seen in the photos. They said he was a good goat for the area and aged between 10-11 years old.

I have other rifles that are good rifles, but for that kind of shot, it would not have been possible. The design, build, set up, ammo/bullet/load development, and accuracy of the Red Rock Precision rifle along with the instruction at their facility made it possible. The light weight of the gun also made it easy to carry as well.