Tim Pask

A 1000-yard hunting rifle? After an injury that kept me from bow hunting, I started researching long range hunting rifles. Unfortunately for me I didn’t do enough research and ended up having a rifle built for me by a local guy. After a really frustrating year of packing a rifle that wasn’t very accurate and weighed in at over 12 pounds, I started over. This time I spent a lot of time, and spoke to several custom long-range rifle builders, and as many long-range hunters as I could find. I knew that I wanted a rifle under 10 pounds (scoped) and I also wanted a rifle that was truly a 1000-yard performer.

As my list of prospects shrunk, I started digging a bit deeper into the companies and the people who owned them. Red rock Precision kept rising to the top, and after having had several conversations with Todd Sholly, I felt confident that I would truly receive the rifle I was after.

In my experience, it is not often that you actually receive a product that exceeds your expectations, but I was absolutely blown away when my RRP P2PX 7mm Rem Mag was delivered. The quality and workmanship is unmatched, and the gun fits me like a glove. The truth was that I was still a bit nervous on the way to the range, but that only last for the first three shots. Its accuracy is something that truly doesn’t seem possible with a hunting rifle, and still continues to amaze me every time I shoot it.

So now I truly own a 1000-yard hunting rifle (maybe a 1200-yard hunting rifle), but I have no real intentions of shooting an animal at 1000 yards. In fact I hope I never have to shoot over 800 yards, but I love knowing I have a weapon that will deliver the round if it’s required. To date I have shot seven deer with my rifle, and the furthest shot was 446 yards, and I have hit within an inch of my aiming point every single time. I cannot begin to tell you what that has done for my confidence, but if the time comes for that 1000-yard shot, I know the rifle will deliver.

In fact, I am so happy with my RRP P2PX I have recently ordered the new P2PXT Ultralite Sheep Rifle in 6.5 x 284, and I already know that Red Rock Precision is going to once again exceed my expectations, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.