Todd Doege

I recently returned from my trip to New Zealand and wanted to tell you how awesome the Mountain Rifle chambered in 7mm Rem. Mag. performed. When I arrived at the outfitter’s lodge, they wanted to know what caliber and bullet weight and, more import, what bullet brand I would be hunting with. After going through the list of equipment and specs, they seemed concerned about the Berger bullet and how it would perform on the Russa and Sambar, and they assured me the guide would be there for backup to finish the job. I took 12 large game animals with my Red Rock Precision rifle and the 168-grain Berger bullet. I have video footage showing not one animal went further than 10 yards with 9 out of 12 falling in their tracks. All shots were from 153 to 661 yards. Let’s just say there are now a few more believers that would like to shoot that combination, and the guide asked that I leave him the rifle as a tip. Not a chance! With over 300 big game animals taken with several different calibers and rifles, I’ve never had a system that performed like the Ultralite Mountain Rifle.