Here at Red Rock Precision we specialize in three main services. For more information, prices, or questions please Contact Us.

Long Range Custom Guns

Red Rock Precision provides a two-rifle system that can be altered to meet your satisfaction. Each individual rifle comes with 40 rounds that is customized to your specific gun.

Customizing Your Factory Rifle

Red Rock Precision will install your choice of a Huskemaw scope on your rifle, as well as a custom turret. A customized load will be developed for your specific rifle, or if you desire to load your own ammunition, information will be provided for you to do so.

Custom Ammunition – Load Development

Red Rock Precision custom ammunition is loaded to match grade standards. The following are steps taken to prepare your ammunition:
1. Primer pockets uniformed
2. Flash holes deburred
3. Timed and sized
4. Each round is individually weighed
5. Bullet seating is optimized for each rifle